Centuries old Haldi doodh, or golden milk, is know in India as a tonic remedy.  Typical golden milk is steamed milk with juiced or dried turmeric root.  This version is meant as a digestive, or cocktail bitters so it is without the milk, but includes fresh ginger root, toasted coconut and ground black pepper as well.


Bitter is Better! We believe that gut health is the root of overall wellness. Digestive bitters help get your digestive mojo going to optimize the digestive process.

Traditionally, bitters have been used to relieve gas and bloating, speed up sluggish digestion , and to support and tone the digestive system.

Enjoy in a small amount of sparkling or warm water, or get creative with a cocktail or mocktail!

We recommend ~1/4 teaspoon (two full droppers) 10-15 minutes before mealtime.


ingredients: grain free alcohol, organic fresh turmeric juice, organic fresh ginger juice, toasted coconut (extract), black peppercorn (extract)

2 oz.



Golden Bitters