Jeff Landrock

Jeff Landrock plays rhythm guitar like John, plays Polish piano (whoops--that should read "Paul-ish piano"), and sings many of the Paul McCartney parts.

Jeff realizes that nobody really reads band bios beyond the first few lines, so as far as he's concerned, the pressure is off! However, being a team oriented kinda lad, he'll continue with the blah, blah, blah....

Jeff received a self-designed degree in audio engineering from the University of New Hampshire . After years of freelancing in New England recording studios, Jeff finally opened his own studio in Berwick, ME, and dubbed it Landrock Recording because he's so darned creative when it comes to naming things. Says Jeff, "You haven't read this far, have you.... I'm not surprised. If you actually did read this far, write to me at my super-secret e-mail address: I know you won't; nobody has ever read a band bio all the way through. You must be weird!"